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Kelvin Retractor Auto Advance

Kelvin Retractor Auto Advance

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  • Crafted in Canada for long-lasting quality.
  • E-Z Load & Lock Switch - Effortlessly change bits
  • Bits are permanently stored within the screwdriver body
  • Equipped with 6 versatile bits for all jobs
  • Durable & reliable S2 Steel Hardened Bits
  • Easy to carry & use without added weight
  • North American torque specifications for confident tightening
  • Dimensions: 2 x 4.72 inches (4.5 x 12cm) 0.573 lbs (0.26kg)
  • Engineered and Designed in Canada, Made in Canada.
  • Branded with one 4 color Epoxy dome label
  • No Set Up Charges
  • No Run Charges
  • MOQ 24 pcs
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24-72 $39.99
73-144 $37.99
145-240 $33.99

NO SETUP CHANGES at 24 units

About Kelvin Retractor Auto Advance

  • Versatile Use - The kelvin retractor auto advance, an innovative multi-use screwdriver with a retractable spring loaded and lock system, seamlessly combines all-in-one screwdriver tool functionality and multi screwdriver tool all in one convenience. Ideal for both diy lovers and professionals, its 6-in-1 screwdriver design and multi-head screwdriver all-in-one feature, along with the innovative retractable e-z load and lock system, make switching between tasks effortless.
  • Unparalleled Durability - This multi screwdriver all in one is not just durable; it's a heavy-duty screwdriver set in a compact form. Its robust build as a universal screwdriver, including a robust glass fiber reinforced resin body for strength and durability, ensures long-lasting performance suitable for any project or environment.
  • Never Lose a Bit - Revolutionize your toolkit with the autoloader multi-bit screwdriver feature. This innovative design, an evolved version of the classic retract-a-bit screwdriver, ensures you never lose a bit as they are permanently stored in the tool. With the ability to push and automatically open and retract specific bits, the Kelvin Tools Retractor Auto Advance becomes a standout multi-use screwdriver tool, providing secure storage and easy access to all necessary bits.
  • Professional and Home Use - Perfect for both the master mechanic screwdriver enthusiast and the home repair expert, this tool is versatile as a 6-way screwdriver and as complete as a multi-bit screwdriver set all in one. It's the ultimate multi-bit set screwdriver for any task, anywhere. It also makes for a perfect gift!
  • Trust in Kelvin Tools - Choose kelvin retractor auto advance for a reliable multi-screwdriver tool, backed by kelvin tools' esteemed reputation for quality and innovation and a 1-year warranty. This versatile screwdriver multi-tool and multi-purpose screwdriver represent the brand's commitment to practical, efficient solutions, making it the premier choice for the best screwdriver set made in North America, ensuring you have the right tool for any task at hand.